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Segment is a tool that makes it simple to integrate customer data across hundreds of popular tools and data warehouses.


Segment is an essential tool in any growth tools stack. By integrating Segment into your product, you gain the ability to quickly send data to hundreds of popular tools that can be used to help your company grow.

Key features

  • Collect clickstream data from your websites, mobile apps and servers using one API, then simply click to turn on integrations and push the data to the cloud apps of your choice.
  • Debugging and data governance tools help you test implementations and seek out bad data.
  • 'Personas' allow you to merge user data across channels into one profile, then build customer audiences that can be synced to marketing tools to help run personalized campaigns.

Example usecase

After implementing Segment, a growth team wants to test a new analytics tool. Rather than asking their engineers to manually integrate the new tool with their website and mobile app, they simply click on the app within Segment and instantly start pushing their data to the analytics tool.


From $120 per month.

Segment offer a free plan for developer use, with paid plan pricing based on the number of monthly tracked users.

Free trials & plans

Free Trial available
Free Plan


Funded Startup

Target sectors


Companies using Segment

IBM Heroku Intuit Instacart New Relic Hotel Tonight


Developer required
API availabile
A developer will be needed for the initial integration between Segment and your data sources (website, app etc).


Integrates with Zapier
Social Profiles
Added: August 15th, 2018


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