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Hotjar is a conversion optimization tool that lets you record user sessions and get feedback from customers.

Key features

  • Recordings let you see how users are interacting with pages on your site, including clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.
  • Conversion funnels and form analysis help identify areas where your users may be having trouble and leaving your site.
  • Feedback polls allow you to understand what your users want, and find out if anything is preventing them from acheiving their goals.

Example usecase

After creating a new landing page for an advertising campaign, you could add Hotjar and watch how real users are interacting with the page – are they reading the content, clicking the correct elements? You could then use your findings to try and improve the conversion rate for the page.


From $29 per month.

Hotjar offer pricing plans for personal, business and agency use-cases, with the pricing primarily determined by the number of pageviews per day you want to collect data.

Free trials & plans

Free Trial available
Free Plan


Funded Startup

Target sectors


Companies using Hotjar

Autodesk T-Mobile Skyscanner Nintendo Microsoft


Simple setup
You'll need to add a small code snippet to the Head tag of any page on your website that you want Hotjar to track.


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Added: July 16th, 2018


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