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AskNicely is a real-time NPS tool that helps your team gather and manage customer feedback.


While it might not be the cheapest option available, AskNicely offers teams a powerful set of features and has strong integrations with many popular web apps. The automated workflow feature makes it easy to manage a large number of survey responses efficiently.

Key features

  • NPS surveys can be sent automatically or triggered via an event in your CRM, and can be delivered via email or in-app.
  • Customizable workflows can be created to followup after a survey response, like requesting a product review or offering additional support.
  • TV dashboard view allows you to share real-time NPS analytics with your team using an external display.

Example usecase

Set your NPS surveys to send to a sample of your customers each day. Based upon the responses, use Workflows to automatically ask customers for a product testimonial or review, or for more negative responses offer them additional support. Keep track of the overall NPS trend over time and make sure it's headed in the right direction.


From $299 per month.

The standard plan allows for 5000 surveys per month, while an Enterprise plan offers additional functionality aimed towards large companies.

Free trials & plans

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Funded Startup

Target sectors


Companies using AskNicely

Intercom Xero Treehouse Reddit Deliveroo


Simple setup
API availabile
Setting up a survey campaign is simple, and can be done within a few minutes from within the webapp.


Integrates with Zapier
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Added: August 5th, 2018


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